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Very polished

A smooth and visually appealing game, I quite liked it! A bit educational too!

What can I say?

The gameplay is excellent and instantly likable. I was a little put off by the hefty manual at the start but was pleased you didn't enforce a grueling tutorial that I'd have to trawl through. Music was pretty groovy too (as it should be for a record-selling game XD) and I enjoyed the different colours and menus as they made it easier to take in all the day's information.
Really great work, haven't encountered any bugs or got overly bored yet. There are still many areas you could improve on to make the game an extra bit more interesting as you upgrade, but it is still very fun.
Top score from me!

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...yet entertaining. I liked the idea of switching between different Heroes, but I usually just stuck to one class because it was easier. I also found the background was hard on my eyes, especially when different instructions and "x metres to go" popped up on the screen.
It's really quite original though: good job!

Now with three kinds of slop!

I liked the graphics and the level transitions were quite flashy, but overall the game came across sort of dull with that grey brick background all the time. Got a little too stressful on the later levels for me as well, so I'll give it a 6/10.


Great concept, but a few irritating glitches like my guy randomly exploding when he hasn't hit anything. However, I liked the different characters and levels - it made the game a bit more interesting.
Good effort!

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Haha, very fun!

So simple but surpsingly entertaining - the only minor thing that could be a bit better were the drawings of the explosives and big circles. Aside from that, it's pretty cool; you gotta love those moments when you accidently blow up half the guys on the level and go "Yeah, I meant to do that."

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An AmorGames classic

I can see traces of Shift and Portal in the game, but this is also very orginal - the rewind thing when you die is particularly cool. Also, it has pretty groovy music that fits well with the futuristic style of the game.
One trick I found was that pausing only stopped the character moving when in use, while hazards like spikes still went up and down: this means you could use the pause function to prevent yourself dying.
Overall, awesome game!

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Super awesome!

A lot of fun, pretty addictive, funky music, and those bubbles: so puurty! I also liked the fact you didn't have to worry about touching the edge of the boundaries. Great game.

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I'm gonna give this a 2/5 because the description of "nothing too new or interesting" fits the game perfectly. It's just another unecessary version of Pong, but with irritating extra paddles on the sides of the screen and a ball that abuses you after you lose.
You need to add something more to the gameplay to make it special, because at the moment it's pretty boring.

Who doesn't like blowing things up?

A good game if you like mindless destruction - all it just needs is are a bit bigger explosions. Nice background too; I like showing off to farm animals as I destroy everything.

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