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Your spelling...

...needs some work. I'm not really a fan of cheesy text dialogue in stick fights, so if you do use it, make sure it's spelt right. Other things to note were the cliche bad-guy-multiply move, and the complete mood change after the red guy kicks the blue guy - I found that a bit abrupt and pretty pointless.

There isn't a whole lot going for this Flash. Also, did the camera have to be shaking so much of the time? Try having something original in the fight, otherwise it's just too generic, and unfortunately gets a low score from me because of that.

CaKeS1 responds:

It's a bummer you don't enjoy it, but your untitled to your own opinion. However this is a tribute to a different animation, in which I wanted to bring out the feel of it (the teleporting, multiplying, etc.). And shaking the camera as much as I do is my style that I've used for a really long time, so I'm sorry if it doesn't please you, but I can see how it can get annoying. And I went through a stage when I thought spelling things wrong was funny/cool in animations, I'm not sure if that was the case for some of this (I started this a really long time ago), but I'll be sure to get it right next time.

Thanks for your criticism it really helps me improve.


I'm not sure how easy it would be to paint just with blood, but you did manage to get the 'OMG scary' factor across with it. I was actually just starting to get into the video until the pizza girl or whatever showed up and screamed when she realised she'd lost her face - that I didn't understand.
Nice effort, though. It was good you didn't show the painter's face, too.

Keith responds:

The girl at the end was another model. She didn't have a face because I wanted to have it so that when he paints them, he also takes away their identity. I didn't want to show the painter's face to let anyone imagine how the painter could look like. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D


Pretty smooth animation and nice excuse from the worker for not doing the paperwork. Good short. =D

MyKindOfFlash responds:

Hey thanks for reviewing!


Flowed very nicely, great animation!

turtleco responds:

glad you liked my flow

That was great!

Just really well developed and the music choice was fantastic. I especially liked the bit where the war went backwards. Overall a really clever animation!

PapaLongLegs responds:

thank you! this was my fave bit too

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